Magnetic Therapy Pressure Point Massage Foot Shoe Insoles

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Magnetic Therapy Pressure Point Massage Foot Shoe Insoles Adjustable provides the pressure point for your feet, as the effortless and natural way when you walk. Every step will feel like a massage with these therapeutic magnetic shoes insoles. Helps improve your blood circulation and reduces muscular aches and pains. Not only it massages your feet but also eliminate foot odors.

-These fantastic Magnetic insoles therapeutically massage soles stimulating the pressure points on your feets soles the natural and effortless way whilst you walk allowing you to enjoy new vitality and comfort. 
-These magnetic insoles will massage your feet by stimulating the pressure points located on the soles of your feet. Deodorant and breathable. 
-The insoles are in 2 sizes and are very easy to cut to fit. Simply place your feet onto each massage sole and message according to the easy to read premade sizes shown, then trim each of the soles to the measurements made using scissors. 
-Finally slip your trimmed soles into any pair of shoes and they are ready to wear!

Applicable people and precautions 
-1, sugar patients ----- feet often need to be saw off due to disease's exacerbations, the key in the foot peripheral nerve problems, should often receive foot massage, so that the blood reaches the peripheral nerve. 
-2, kidney patients ----- should also do foot massage, if the patient's muscles have necrosis or ulceration phenomenon, it is not suitable for foot massage. 
-3, chronic ---- for example, often insomnia, physical weakness, etc., after the foot massage, the effect is significant! 
-4, cold feet, love sports, mountain enthusiasts, often sitting work, students, middle-aged, spleen and stomach function is not good, easy fatigue,

Package Include: 
-One Pair Health Foot Magnetic Therapy Massage Insoles 
-Size?S/L S?35-40(25cm) L?40-45 (30cm)

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