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The MegaLightâ„¢ C8F Tactical LED Flashlight delivers 3000 lumens output and far-reaching throwing distance is up to 600 meters. This is a super-bright LED flashlight with one strobe mode and five lighting modes. It is easy to change modes by pressing the switch. Moreover, the center spot is very uniform, which can be used as highlight in photograph. It is light and portable for maintenance equipment, camping, outdoor lighting and other Professional application scenarios. With IPX-8 waterproof level, it works well in searching and emergency use or in rainstorm.

Emitter: 3 units of Cree XP-L LED Bulbs, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours( more than 5 years).
CCT Range: 5350K-5700K, Neutral White (NW)
Voltage: 2.8V-4.2 Volts
Dimension: 44.6mm(head) *24.5mm(body diameter)*144mm(length)
Net Weight: 180 gram (no battery included)
Thermoelectric separated MCPCB/ DTP MCPCB
Material: 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Light Cup: smooth reflector
Premium type ? hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash and better heat exchange
Toughened glass lens , anti-crash and wearable
The water-resistant level is IPX-8, it can be used in underwater 2 meters for 30 minutes. And it is used in rainstorm.
Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation. The light is off if battery install improper.

Mode Set Operation:
From ON, 4-click to go to another Light Group. It cycles through Group 1 > Group 2> Group 3> Group 1> Group 2. The blinks means in some light group. 1 blink to confirm at Group 1; 2 blinks to confirm at Group 2; 3 blinks to confirm at Group 3
Group 4 /Kids Group: In any mode (except lock-out), hold&press 10 seconds to go to Kids Group, blinks 4 times to confirm; same to go to previous light group.
To Lock-Out the light, from OFF, 4 fast clicks , the light blinks twice to go to lock-out; 4 fast clicks, the light blinks twice to go to unlock.
Battery level Indicator: From on, 3 fast clicks to go to Battery level indicator. At 50%-100%, 4 blinks to confirm; At 30%-50%, 3 blinks to confirm; At 15%-30%, 2 blinks to confirm; At 0%-15%, 1 blink to confirm. The light finishes blinking, goes to the normal lighting.
Low Battery Indicator: 3 blinks when the battery level lower than 30%, to go to previous lighting; blinks lasting for 1 minutes when voltage lower than 2.8 volts, to go to turn off.
Turbo 3000 lumen requires use of 6A unprotected 18650 batteries. Turbo lasting 2 minutes to step down to High Mode; High2 Mode lasting 3 minutes to step down to High1 Mode. It is set in order to avoid lots of hot shortly. Please choose it manually if you need Turbo or High 2.

Package including :
1* flashlight; 1* Lanyard; 2* replace orings; 1* user manual
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